Toby riding GRAVAA

Relying on equipment means trusting it in all situations. Time spent on development and rigorous testing is invaluable when bringing a uniquely capable product to the cycling market.

Since years we’ve put our system to extreme tests. More recently submerging electronic parts underwater for days and enduring the shocks of 100 Paris-Roubaix races within 24 hours.

Yet real world adventures are the cornerstone of reliability. As we rode our gravel bikes through several submerging floods in Limburg, The Netherlands.

Like any BB or hub system, we advise you not to submerge your GRAVAA system. However, the same wheels that took countless Paris-Roubaix beatings also made it to the finish after several Finding Nemo sessions.

No matter the weather, always the perfect tire pressure. Loek, after a soaking wet Grenspalenklassieker

Thanks Bram Berkien for your wonderful photos during The Grenspalenklassieker