We have tested our Gravaa wheels in many different configurations – ranging from complete bike tests (with rider) to spinning wheel tests. With the results of today we can compare the aerodynamic drag of our wheels (with tyre pressure management system) versus any other wheel. We do this since we aim for the lowest possible total drag, to keep you moving fastest!

Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub offers a range of Wind Tunnels, test rigs, offices and workshops aimed at the Sports Engineering Industry. Bringing together some of the industries leading companies into one community, offering unique opportunities for collaboration and state of the art R&D.

The SSEH Performance Wind Tunnel is equipped with a bespoke data acquisition system and user interface. In addition to capturing drag data, the system also gathers sport-specific measurements (like cadence in cycling) and athlete position imaging.

The user interface includes a data and image projection for the athlete in the wind tunnel and data screens for the tunnel operator and coach. The system is designed to make any areas of improvement easy to identify in order to maximise the value of each tunnel session. These systems can also be completely customised to fit your needs.