2-year warranty

GRAVAA warrants the quality of all rims, hubs and components purchased from GRAVAA or a GRAVAA-authorized distributor for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery thereof to you. At delivery of the ordered products you will receive a certificate of warranty, also containing the conditions of warranty, according to the model which can be viewed below.

Carbon wheels

The carbon rims that are used for our GRAVAA wheels are engineered for performance and designed to lead the market in strength, durability and riding quality. However, we do not design products to be indestructible. If you exceed the limits of your product while riding or crashing even our wheels and/or product may fail or become defective.

  • Certificate of Warranty

    Issued by:
    Esp 240
    5633 AC  Eindhoven
    The Netherlands
    Hereinafter: GRAVAA

    GRAVAA customer
    Hereinafter: Customer

    GRAVAA product warranty

    Warranty for:
    GRAVAA products mentioned in order confirmation

    Warranty period:
    24 months, starting as from the day of issuance hereof

    This warranty is issued on the basis of the terms and conditions as set out hereinafter.


  • Warranty terms and conditions

    GRAVAA cares about its products and its customers. We develop and produce all our products according to the highest quality standards. However, like all products, GRAVAA products are not indestructible. Since we care about the quality of our products and we want to keep you riding, we grant you this warranty.

    Contents warranty
    GRAVAA warrants the quality of products sold to the Customer. This warranty however is limited to the products sold and delivered to the Customer on the basis of order with the confirmation number as mentioned on the front page of this warranty certificate.

    In case of defects to GRAVAA’s products which have been caused by material or manufacturing faults occurring and claimed within the warranty period GRAVAA will repair these defects free of charge. In case of repair GRAVAA will when necessary replace defect parts of the product delivered. GRAVAA may, at its sole discretion, also decide not to repair the defects, but to re-deliver the relevant product.

    The warranty as mentioned herein only exists if and when the claim of the Customer is issued in writing in time, which means that this claim needs to be received by GRAVAA ultimately on the last day of the warranty period. After expiry of the warranty period the Customer cannot claim on GRAVAA for or in relation to any defects to GRAVAA’s products.

    GRAVAA is not liable for any (other or further) damage, in particular but not limited to indirect damage, consequential damage and subsequent damage, caused by or being a consequence of any defect and/or non conformity of GRAVAA’s products.

    Exclusions warranty

    1. The Customer is not able to claim on the basis of this warranty if and when GRAVAA’s product has not been used properly and/or the maximum system weight has been exceeded.
    2. Normal wear and tear, the wearing out of components as well as visual faults are excluded from this warranty;
    3. The serial number of GRAVAA’s product must at all times be and remain identifiable. If this is not the case the Customer cannot appeal on this warranty;
    4. To be able to make a claim on the basis of this warranty all instructions with regard to the assembly, use and maintenance of GRAVAA’s product must have been complied with. Amongst others, this includes that:
      1. The Customer is not allowed to open the GRAVAA hubs. Only GRAVAA service centers are allowed to do so. In case hubs are opened by the Customer this warranty will become void. Maintenance to the hub inner parts is to be done by GRAVAA’s appointed service centers only;
      2. Users are allowed to:
        1. Mount wheels in the bike,
        2. Exchange GRAVAA spare parts, like air filters and safety valves,
        3. Mount standard wheel parts, like GRAVAA freehub bodies, GRAVAA disc brake rotors, rim tape and compatible tyres,
        4. Exchange wheel bearings, and
        5. Other actions, if and only if, stated explicitly in GRAVAA’s instructions that the Customer is allowed to do this.
    5. To be able to claim on the basis of this warranty GRAVAA’s product may not have been modified or used in combination with incompatible parts. Amongst others, this includes that only GRAVAA spare parts shall be used for: air filters, safety valves, freehub bodies, disc brake rotors and bearings or exactly matching bearings including the right seals.

    Further conditions warranty

    GRAVAA requires a product registration in advance via the GRAVAA.com website. The Customer will need to register its GRAVAA product and apply for a user account before the first use of the GRAVAA products. Only doing this, the GRAVAA product bought by the Customer will automatically be registered for warranty. Without this registration this warranty will not be effective.

    The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be The Netherlands. Dutch law shall therefore apply to this warranty. Any disputes arising from or related to this warranty will be settled exclusively by the Dutch court seated in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.


In case of any claim based on this warranty the following instructions have to be taken into account:

  1. Please contact GRAVAA via the warranty claim form on GRAVAA’s website (here) or a GRAVAA service center. Fill out all details on the form.
  2. You will receive a reply from GRAVAA within two (2) working days with instructions.
  3. The GRAVAA product must be sent to a GRAVAA service center to be checked. For wheels: tyres and cassettes must be removed before sending the wheel. GRAVAA shall assume the shipping cost to the Customer. The Customer shall bear the shipping costs to GRAVAA or a GRAVAA service center as well as any customs fees.
  4. GRAVAA will repair the defects (or replace or re-deliver, as the case may be) as soon as possible; however, no repair period can be guaranteed.