to give cycling a long awaited true innovation

by solving one of the most challenging cycling puzzles

more meters from your Watts with KAPS

Wheels with KAPS

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All-road aero comfort

Road & Gravel High-Performance Adaptable pressure Puncture response Jumbo Visma approved
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GRAVAA's Kinetic Air Pressure System

  • Adapt pressure

    Optimize your efficiency and speed by adapting tire pressure on-the-fly. A crucial competitive edge for Personal Bests.

  • Roll smoother

    Reduces fatigue and increases comfort on rough roads and long distances. Making every ride more pleasurable.

  • Ride better

    Offers stability, control and leak response in various conditions. Reducing the risk of ride-stoppers, providing peace of mind.


GRAVAA Innovation top 100

GRAVAA in innovation top 100

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