Supports you to Ride Better

Optimize your tire pressure to surface

Giving you more meters from your Watts

Wheels with GRAVAA


The ultimate gravel wheels

The ultimate gravel wheelset Adaptable tire pressure 90W benefit measured at peak performance Less punctures Air to seal tubeless leaks Air to battle low leaks Jumbo Visma approved
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GRAVAA's adaptable tire pressure system

  • Infinite air

    Optimize your efficiency and speed by adapting tire pressure on-the-fly. A crucial competitive edge for Personal Bests.

  • Roll smoother

    Reduces fatigue and increases comfort on rough roads and long distances. Making every ride more pleasurable.

  • Ride better

    Offers stability, control and leak response in various conditions. Reducing the risk of ride-stoppers, providing peace of mind.


GRAVAA Innovation top 100

GRAVAA in innovation top 100

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