The all-new GRAVAA wheelsets enable you to regulate your tyre pressure while riding. Our wheels are fully compatible with existing gravel and mountain bikes. Available for pre-order now!

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Place a pre-order on our GX-30 or XC-28 wheelset and get a 10% discount.
The R40-44 wheelset will ship within 90 days.

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Road Increased rolling resistance Dynamic pressure adjustment Rapid leak response Built to win
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Gravaa Gravel

Gravel Adapt pressure to terrain Enhancend comfort Increased control Built for Ultra's
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Made for mountain biking Endless in- and deflation Wireless control
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Half XC-28

This is GRAVAA

  • Better performances while riding

    Increase your grip by decreasing tyre pressure on softer surfaces. Lower your rolling resistance by increasing tyre pressure on harder surfaces.

  • Wireless control

    Superfast in- and deflation using an ergonomic wireless control unit that you can mount on your handlebars.

  • Save weight

    With a pump integrated in the hubs you don’t have to carry a heavy saddlebag or pump on your rides anymore! Small leakages can be sustained by continuously adding air via our patented kinetic air pressure system (KAPS).


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