Lowering risks to crash. More comfort. Better performance. Gravaa has developed KAPS: Kinetic Air Pressure System for road, gravel and mountain bikers. Allowing them to adjust the tire pressure to their track, while riding.

Gravaa is in a growing market: the company produces KAPS and sells wheelsets with KAPS. KAPS is a completely new approach that increases efficiency while riding and provides a more pleasant cycling experience.

Completely autonomous

The hubs of Gravaa wheels contain a tire pressure regulation system with a compressor. This is driven by the rotation of the wheel. The tire pressure can be increased or decreased completely autonomously while riding. You control this via a wireless button set or via sprint shifters on your handlebar.

Unprecedented functionality

Extensive miniaturisation and high efficiency have created hubs with an unprecedented new functionality. Yet wheels with KAPS have similar properties as other high end wheelsets. Meaning that KAPS can be combined with common bike frames, drivetrains and discbrake systems.

Limited weight gain

All of the described beneficial features come at a price of 250 grams per wheel and several Watts when the pump is inflating. While inflating at 25 kilometers per hour the ‘penalty’ is approximately 3 watts per wheel. While the rolling resistance benefit of riding cobbles at 2.5 bar was measured at 46 Watt. When the tire pressure is reduced or the system is not inflating, the system requires 0 watt to remain active.