We all know riding on gravel roads and mountainbike trails can be demanding. Because the surface of the trail changes throughout the ride it’s always a gamble which tyre pressure you need for the front and rear tyre. In the end you often settle for the middle ground regarding tyre pressure.

After years of researching and engineering we’ve developed a wheelset that let you control tyre pressure for the front and rear tyre while riding! This allows you to gain an advantage through greater traction or less rolling resistance on different surfaces.

Pressure technology

Control your tyre pressure

The uncompromising Gravaa XC-28R carbon wheelset enables cyclists to adapt tyre pressure on the fly. The hub in each wheel storing a miniature high-pressure pump, clutch unit and electro-pneumatic control system. The wheels are fully compatible with standard bikes and communicate to bike computers via ANT+.

The wheelset features:

  • Superfast in- and deflation on the fly
  • Control of tyre pressure: gain an advantage through greater traction or less rolling resistance on different surfaces
  • Improvement of safety
  • No bicycle pump needed
  • Visual feedback: monitor the tyre pressure in both wheels via a bike computer
  • Very low energy consumption: only low human power required when switched on
Engineered in the Netherlands. Built in Europe.

After four years of developing, prototyping and testing we are about to hit the markets with our revolutionary wheelset. We’ll be attending the EUROBIKE SHOW (24th – 26th November 2020) and aim for the award. Want to get updated about our process and when the pre-ordering starts? Sign up for our newsletter!

The revolution is here

  • Pre-order

    Our webshop will launch in a few weeks. Placing pre-orders will then be available. There are limited pre-orders available, make sure you get to own this tech when it hits the market!

  • International shipping

    We will ship to the following countries:

    • The Netherlands
    • Germany
    • Belgium
    • Luxembourg
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Great Britain
    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Portugal


All the advantages for a Gravaa wheelset owner listed:

  • Save weight; never the need to carry a heavy saddlebag or pump on your rides anymore!
  • Increase your grip by decreasing tyre pressure on the fly for the softer surfaces
  • Lower your rolling resistance by increasing tyre pressure for the harder surfaces
  • Never a flat tyre; even small leakages can be sustained by continues adding air via our system