UCI Gravel race recap

“Despite the challenging terrain, I had a great ride. I’m already planning to conquer Gravel Fondo Limburg again with better preparation for a faster time.

Experiments and experiences showed that a bit more pressure than average is beneficial on tarmac. With the first 6 kilometers being 100% on tarmac, I started with 2.5 bar to benefit on the 6.5% Cauberg climb.

On gravel, I mainly rode at 2.0 bar, but on the sketchy descents and the steep climbs, I dropped that to 1.5 bar. The lower pressure on climbs and descents increased my grip and control. Toward the end of the climb or descent, I’d press the sprint button on my handlebar to start generating pressure up to 2.0 bar.

Towards the end, we had a lot of rough gravel. I haven’t uploaded my data for calculations yet, but 1.5 bar seemed just as fast but significantly more comfortable.”

Lowering tyre pressure on climbs and descends increased my grip and control Nard on his UCI Gravel Fondo race, March 2024
GRAVAA Partner van PlugPlug Pajottenland

Meet you at our next demo event?

As the dust settles after this wonderful 3-day gravel event around the Dutch Shimano Experience Centre. We’re preparing for our next event partnership

Sunday 5th of May we hope to meet many of you at gravel event Plug Plug Pajottenland, next to Brussels Belgium.

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