Plenty developments. What to expect? Read on

As we surely approach another thrilling edition of Paris-Roubaix, we at GRAVAA are heading towards an exciting future. Our vision and collaborations extend beyond the present.

From dependant to independant
Since our journey began in 2017, GRAVAA has been at the forefront of cycling innovation. Our Pro Tour debut with KAPS at the 2023 Paris-Roubaix was just the beginning. With the support of early and new investors, and partners like Visma | Lease a Bike, we’re transitioning from a dedicated R&D company to a bike tech manufacturing company. 

We're fully engaged in fine-tuning the system and collectively generating as much test data as possible regarding tire pressure. Once that's completed, we will start using it. Jenco Drost, Visma | Lease a bike, Head of Performance Equipment, 4 March 2024

The past 400 days we’ve: 

  • Broadend learnings with Visma | Lease a Bike  
  • Tested and stretched KAPS in weather extremes
  • Improved the KAPS machinery, technology, usability and software (i.e. sprint button control, puncture detection, waterproofing, in-house Garmin, Wahoo, Android & iOS software development) 
  • Increased the quality and usability gap with challengers  
  • Secured new investments for in-house assembly, fulfilment and customer support 
  • Scaled the team to 16 FTE 

Our next milestones are: 

  • Inaugurate the 1400m2 sized factory (June) 
  • Deliver production examples to OEM clients (June) 
  • Introduce the next generation KAPS (July) 
  • Tour Europe to serve early adopters (August-November) 
  • Tour Europe to offer first hand experiences to OEM buyers, riders and media (August-November) 

Next-Gen KAPS: a glimpse into the future
Our collaborations continue to deepen. Driven by a shared commitment to achieve the pinnacle of performance and quality. We’re currently fine-tuning the next generation of our KAPS technology — designed to offer better control and adaptability, promising to redefine cycling dynamics for both professional athletes and enthusiasts. 

Stay tuned for what’s next
The upcoming version of KAPS is set to revolutionise the cycling experience and will be presented and shipped this year. Meanwhile we finalise this generation to start large-scale in-house production. 

Many of you support us, and for that we’re grateful. Like riders across categories, we can’t wait to share the next chapter of our journey with you.


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Roll Smooth Ride Fast Gertjan van Ginderen, Founder