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CMO & B2C partnerships

“This is BIG” I exclaimed while first riding GRAVAA in 2020. Having a puncture protection system and variable tyre pressure fulfilled deep desires. At the time I had a Gravel Cycling Media Agency that made campaigns for cycling destinations and challenging events like Unbound, The Rift and the Canary Island hopping GranGuanche. What seemed like a gimmick feature, proved to be real, innovative and a functional tool for a gravel rider and racer like me.

GRAVAA went on to develop it’s product, making it stronger, more versatile and user friendlier. Gertjan and I regularly met up to discuss our needs as target audience, his needs in testing and brand awareness and so forth. During Eurobike 2023, at the forefront of opening a new Dutch GRAVAA assembly factory we decided to team up and make GRAVAA known and benefitted around the world.

Whether on road, gravel, trail or beach GRAVAA offers spectacular efficiency improvements. For those who care less about the Watts, know that Wout van Aert said ‘I use it for performance, but I like the comfort it brings’.

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