Gertjan van Ginderen

Managing Director and co-owner

Coming up with an idea for something completely new and bringing this to the market as a successful product: it’s a dream that many people have and as the founder of GRAVAA I’m fortunately one of the few who actually had the opportunity to realize this. I’m not a mechanical nor a mechatronic engineer, but I have lots of technical knowledge and a track record in managing teams and doing business. I’m creative and always looking for challenges, my credo is ‘you don’t have to know everything, you just have to know where you can gather the knowledge’.

As a kid I spent a lot of time in building my own bikes and mopeds and actually, looking back at this, I believe this forms the basis for the idea behind HubTech, our engineering company responsible for the development of the GRAVAA wheels. We have managed to build up the perfect team within our company. This is where I’m most proud of. It’s our team which made all of this possible together with our engineering and production partners, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. We have done everything to push the boundaries of science, and the result of this is a wheelset which even exceeds the expectations we had! Our technology is completely new, every small detail is thought of.

I enjoy biking almost every day, alone on my mountain bike, with my kids or with our fanatic team members from GRAVAA. Personally, I prefer making long offroad or gravel trips. Our technolology is the perfect match with my passion for cycling, and I’m sure it will be the same for a lot of other cyclists. I’m looking back at an enjoyable development period and I’m eager to spread our adventure on the market.

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