Since the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) announced this week that the use of tyre pressure management systems is authorized in professional road cycling we were overwhelmed with calls, messages, and requests for our whitepapers. Besides this our pre-order list is growing further.

The UCI announcement was immediately picked up by several international media and in many of these publications our KAPS technology (Kinetic Air Pressure System) was mentioned as well. We are happy to notice that other companies and cycling teams consider the possibility to have influence on tyre pressure while riding. We are sure this will be a game changer. Like our introduction of KAPS in September last year, this news again got much attention.

Since the announcement of the UCI and the publications in the media this week, several of our relations have approached us with questions, mostly with the question if the system which is going to be used by Team DSM is ours – which clearly is not the case. Also, the question why KAPS is not (yet) used has been asked frequently. Although we are the first and the only company in the market who developed a complete product, we did not yet introduce this into professional competitions. Like always, there are considerations why you should or should not step into the spotlights – which you certainly get by introducing such a technology into professional cycling. First of all, our main goal is to develop KAPS for a wide market, not only covering professional sports. We have developed KAPS keeping in mind that it should be a complete product with all the functionalities needed to make it an attractive product for all kind of users. A product without any limitations. We at Gravaa keep our focus on the development aiming for a top-quality product, which all users (and especially professional cyclists) deserve. You’ll never get a second chance for a first impression! At the moment we are taking the final validation steps of our technology, including the certification processes. Hereafter, we will introduce our tech into sports when time is ready.