Middelburg, Netherlands – GRAVAA , the company behind the revolutionary Kinetic Air Pressure System (KAPS) wheel technology, will transfer part of its production to Vitrite in Middelburg. The signing of this agreement marks a milestone for the company and its partners and gives a boost to the professional bicycle industry. Regional Development Agency Impuls Zeeland supports GRAVAA with financing and advice. Read more about this collaboration.

Gravaa at Zeeland beach

Smarter cycling with KAPS technology
GRAVAA developed a product that allows cyclists to adjust their tire pressure to the type of surface they are riding on. The so-called Kinetic Air Pressure System (KAPS) is the technology behind this innovation. In short, it is a pump integrated into the wheel with a tire pressure management system. The system not only improves energy efficiency, but also reduces shock to muscles. This allows cyclists to experience more comfort while cycling and significantly reduces muscle fatigue. The pump, control unit, cycle computer and possibly telephone communicate with each other via Bluetooth. 

"Our system receives appreciation and interest from professional and recreational test drivers." Gertjan, Managing Director at GRAVAA

In 2023, the professional cycling team Jumbo-Visma, now known as Visma-Lease-a-bike, used the KAPS technology during the infamous Paris-Roubaix. “The collaboration with Jumbo-Visma confirmed at the highest level that our system does what we promise. Our engineers have since further improved the system and related connections and prepared it for mass production. With good results, our new product will be delivered in 2024.”

Impuls Zeeland: a long-standing collaboration
Impuls Zeeland supports innovative companies in Zeeland. Through the InnoGo! funds and the Zeeuws Participatie Fonds (ZPF), the development company invested more than 2 million euros in GRAVAA. As an investor from the ZPF, they have also become shareholders in the company. Investment managers Ralph Veerhoek and Edwin van Houte have been involved in the development of GRAVAA for years. In addition to financial support, they also offer advice and a large network to promote the growth of the company .

“GRAVAA shows how a promising idea can be further developed into a future-proof innovation. The agreement with the Zeeland company Vitrite is a great result of our close collaboration and contributes to strengthening the economic structure of Zeeland." Ralph Veerhoek, investment manager Impuls Zeeland
Gravaa Welcomes Vitrite


From historic workshop to innovation center
The signing of the production agreement between GRAVAA and Vitrite is the start of a structured approach. Part of the parts production will take place at Vitrite in Middelburg. In addition, GRAVAA is setting up a separate production line in Eindhoven.

Jan Rietdijk, CEO Vitrite: “With a product of 100+ components, GRAVAA has a great interest in having reliable suppliers. Through our experience in the production process and high quality requirements, we contribute to a strong supply chain.”

GRAVAA bike with KAPS hubs - adapt pressure, ride better

Successful cooperation

A global cycling revolution
The KAPS system fits any wheel type and is suitable for various cycling disciplines. The collaboration with renowned brands such as DT Swiss strengthens GRAVAA’s market position and promises broad application of their technology. “There is a lot of interest. In America for Fatbikes, in Europe for mountain bikes and in Zeeland for beach bikes. Several big names individually showed interest in our product. We look forward to being able to deliver on a large scale soon,” says director Gertjan. Ultimately, the technology will be sold through bicycle and wheel manufacturers. Finally, Gertjan emphasizes the importance of preparation and building relationships with partners. “Today’s successes are the result of years of dedication and collaboration.”