The most buttery-smooth and pleasant carbon wheels we tested on the Reserve 40|44

The result of a joint mission to excellence

GRAVAA partnered with Reserve Wheels and DT Swiss to create a Gravel wheelset that truly offers it’s riders decisive and UCI legal advantages.

By building GRAVAA’s adaptable tire pressure system with DT Swiss proven ratchet system into Reserve’s World Tour chosen 40|44 aero gravel brother the 40|44GR.

GRAVAA Gravel riders benefit:

  • less punctures
  • improved efficiency
  • adaptable tire pressure
  • air to seal or battle punctures
  • more meters from their Watts uh

7 years of development with 2 year of World Tour experimenting and improving have lead to a highly technical system that works super easy:

Your advanced hubs house our patented high-pressure pump. You power your wheels, your wheels’ rotation drive the pump. The pump activates on demand and when our innovative clutch and electro-pneumatic system registers a puncture.

  • All wheels with GRAVAA are compatible with standard bikes with disc brakes.
  • Manage your tyre pressure from your handlebars or via the app.
  • Read tyre pressure on your Garmin or Wahoo bike computer.
Cross country Gravel bike Cyclocross
Cross country Gravel bike Cyclocross
Cross country Gravel bike Cyclocross